Sunday, August 22, 2010

'we can drink the runoff'

i'm not a worrier, usually. i tend to let things fall where they may and accept situations as they are. but i think my personality lends itself to the phenomenon of 'bottling,' where i let little things build until i explode all those pent up things at once. the result is usually dramatic and/or unnerving.

but i was thinking about the verse that says 'my cup runneth over..' which sounds alot better than 'my bottle explodeth.'
and i realized that god doesn't always give good things in huge measures. little pieces of beauty and drops of joy are always added to my 'cup.' when i can't even see it, he will give me a tiny bit more courage...or he will will hold my tongue when i need to be gentle.
all these things bottle up and lead to a glorious overflow. and the most wonderful part of it is that i can take no credit for my own joy or anything good that comes from the cup of my life. i can only drink deeply of an abounding grace and live to share that grace.