Wednesday, May 26, 2010

oily avoidance

well hello! how's your summer going? good? good.

well the last thing i want when i go to the beach is a gratuitous flow of oil, so i'm getting ready to go to cashiers, north carolina with my family slash grandparents. if i knew how to post pictures of it, i would. but it's beautiful, regardless.
mountains, rivers, lakes, fishing, boats, hiking, cooking, reading. some of my favorite things. i'm really excited.

i've finished lost. i unashamedly cried, and i'll miss it, but i'm taking desmond's advice and letting go. it was a good 6 years.

babysitting. lots of that lined up for the summer. (cash money to support my thug life.)
tonight i took care of 4 kids- angus, grey, riley and brady. for 2.5 hours.
in those short hours i: made a pizza, kept brady and angus from using the couch cushions as moon bounces, listened to an impromptu violin recital, read thomas the tank engine books, taught how to play thumb wars, and made a large batch of strawberry, blueberry, banana...raspberry...pear...smoothies.
god help mothers. i don't know how in hades they do it.
but i loved every minute of it. such happy chaos.

ok. long post. winding it down.
so i'm just really used to staying up til like 3 am....i get all awake and can't fall asleep and sooo i've started listening to tim keller sermons on my ipod.

in this one, he quotes lewis on significance.

‘the weight of glory’

“there are no ordinary people. you have never talked to a mere mortal. nations, civilizations—they are mortal! their life is going to end. and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat.

it is immortals with whom we joke, work. it is immortals that we marry, snub, and exploit. everyone, someday, will be an immortal horror or an everlasting splendor.

this does not mean that we are to be perpetually solemn—we must play. but our merriment must be of the kind which exists between people who have from the outset taken each other seriously…the weight of your neighbor’s glory is a burden you should put on your back everyday, and only humility will carry it.”
-c.s. lewis

aaah. so beautiful. and heavy. and motivating. i wish i could fully understand it. but i love it.

on that light note, i hope that all of you have beautiful summers. i'll be writing campers and emailng international travelers. if anyone gets in a desperate need of any strawberry cupcakes or pumpkin bread, i'll send packages. just text me.

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