Tuesday, April 13, 2010

team jacob.

"she's a dancer when she dances she is free
and three in the morning and the clouds rise in the east to
frank sinatra which her parents put on repeat, on repeat"

i realized today how much i really love to dance. just everywhere. all the time. george and amy laughed at me in chickfila because i evidently dance instead of walk. thankfully they don't judge me for it.

also, there's something that's pervading lost...something other than the usual warped continuums and utter confusion...

i'm starting to be more and more blown away at the beautiful biblical allegory that's sweeping through lost. the writers so poignantly weave redemption, evil, confusion, and faith into the stories...this show has always been a favorite of mine. definitely my favorite drama. but now it's such a great microcosm of human failure entwined with supernatural love. i can't handle how much i love it. not so much the show as the discussions afterwards. all the questions that go unanswered. (drew roy definitely qualifies as the best person to watch it with.)

but i'm going to be piiisssssed if sayid doesn't go back to the good side. beautiful metaphors or not. flock suuuucks.

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