Thursday, April 8, 2010


i really love days like today because really small things become noticeable to me. i saw a girl who had green eyes with a tiny little brown flecks in them. they were beautiful. there are also little yellow and pink rivers of melting sidewalk chalk.
people are trekking around with bare feet, and i like it.
i will eat lunch with a good friend today. and see more good friends tonight.

i have a new favorite word: bumble (v.) to happen across; to aimlessly wander; to trip over something; to dance awkwardly but still have a good time
(as defined by me, and not merriam-webster.)\

i suppose that you could be "bumbly" as well. maybe if it's springtime and you're jolly and a little clumsy. i'll think about it.

i feel ramble-y and content.

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